This is a diary of my journey through weight loss. I hope it encourages you as it helps me through one of the hardest challenges of my lifetime so far.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Out of IT!

That is exactly where I have been. I got knee, no, neck-deep in working and got completely off track. But I did not seem to have trouble returning to old habits in the blink of an eye. So here I am. Not giving up but getting back up and going for it. I regained 10 pounds and don't want anymore. I am down a total of 15 still so I am still ahead, but ready to get back at it. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and I am not making any excuses. But yesterday my eating was a small improvement in that I had no fast food. And today I have only eaten healthy food from home and gotten in more water. I was literally drinking less than 1 glass a day. That is PITIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I feel it too. So I am happy to say I am happy about eating better again. My temptation is to quit all this blogging nonsense and just let the chips fall. Been there before and they fall in my mouth!!! So with the help of my family and friends and revisiting my contract, I am going to try again.


  1. Yeah!! You can do it! Woo :) Just think about all those millions of massages you'll be giving. You'll burn off tons of extra cals!

  2. you're a smokin' babe in my book, but for your sake, do it!

  3. Juice Kandy, its not pretty at first but Im not gonna lie after only a couple of days I already feel SO much better and you know what else? My legs arent red and tingly anymore. How crazy is THAT! Come on Sis lets do it together. :)